Introducing Earth’s First AI-enabled Carbon Capture Solution

“Carbon capture, storage and use (CCUS) - is one of the most critical actions needed to reduce emissions in line with a credible 1.5 °C pathway.”


Our AI Monitored Specialty Carbon Capture Platform Captures CO2 at the Lowest Cost at Any Scale

Through rigorous research, our engineers have built a scalable, modular & low cost carbon capture platform which allows us to cater to several industrial domains.

Coupled seamlessly with CapNet® deep neural network, it continuously monitors the plant to deliver robust uptime performance.

Visualize your industry de-carbonized with our rapid prototyping platform

Leveraging solid research, we created IGNI1, utilizing dependable chemisorption technology, fortified with our unique capture media, compactly fitting in two 40' containers for easy mobility and deployment.

Once operational, it captures 600 TPA of carbon dioxide from emission streams. With AI/ML technologies, we continually enhance IGNI1's energy efficiency and effectiveness.

Specialized Solutions for your Industry

Our carbon capture platform can be finely tuned to provide most cost savings while meeting your net zero goals.

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The public discourse is shifting. More and more corporate leaders and governments are committing to reduced, net-zero, or even net negative emissions. If your organization is among those leading on climate change, or evaluating options, we can help.

We offer a variety of options to kick-start the process of decarbonization for your organization.

Carbon Capture as a Service (CCaaS)
Operation & Maintenance

Carbonetics envisions a world where carbon capture and storage is both an environmental necessity and an economically wise choice for hard-to-abate industries.

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